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The ultimate resource for soccer betting fans around the world to ensure that you select an online sportsbook that covers your sport, your league, with betting accounts for your country, in your currency and with the features you want.

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Top Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport to watch.  Essentially a billion people have watched the final match in each of the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups.  No other single sporting event can rival this amount of viewers.  With such widespread interest in soccer, there is undoubtedly a similarly widespread interest in the ability to wager on soccer.  People enjoy a bet.  If one has no rooting interest on a particular match, placing a bet is a popular way to make an otherwise ordinary soccer match seem very interesting.

Whether you are just looking to get a couple of bets down or you intend to bet seriously on soccer in the long term, there are a lot of things to consider and this site is here to help you find the right online sportsbook for your preferences.  Below, you’ll find a list of the 12 best soccer betting services for most people around the world.  However, depending on factors like where you live, your desired currency or banking choices, you should browse the resources above to help find the right company for your specific requirements.     

Online Soccer Betting Company Snapshots

Above, you’ll have read some general figures about the 1x2 soccer odds margins at each of these online sportsbooks, the number of available betting markets as well as the availability of some betting features and the things for which each sportsbook is best-known.  These themes are built-upon as you browse the site and read more specifically about how these aspects may pertain to betting on a particular league as available betting markets and margins change league-to-league.  The term ‘betting market’ is simply a term for the way you may bet on soccer.  As you can read above, there are many different ways to bet on soccer.

How do online sportsbooks that focus on soccer differentiate themselves from each other?

Sports betting sites essentially all provide the same service.  However, the best ones do their best to stand out from the crowd and invest in new technology and new features as a means of differentiation. With so many online sportsbooks in the World, it can be a challenge to identify and comprehend the important differences. sportsbook reviews help you quickly understand the a little about the company with which you are thinking about registering.  All people have their own priorities in terms of how they will like to use the service, thus this site addresses, odds margins and their significance, banking methods among other frequently asked questions.

Soccer betting and your available betting account currency  

Perhaps more significant than any other single issue is the issue of currency acceptance and excluded player countries.  The above list of the 12 best soccer betting sites applies to most people around the world.  However, understand that not every company accepts player registrations from every country, nor offers accounts in every currency.  Each company decides which markets it wishes to serve, and further targets those markets by offering betting accounts in that country’s native currency.  If you are in a country like Ireland, or Finland where there are no restrictions and an extremely popular betting currency is used - the Euro, this won’t be an issue for you.  However, from almost every other country and using almost any other currency, you should likely check your situation.   Simply select your preferred betting currency and read which companies will be happy to serve you in the manner you desire.  Being able to bet in your local currency means you will likely be able to save on currency exchange fees worth 2% to 5% of every transaction made to and from your betting account.  Success at soccer wagering can be determined by fine margins and saving on currency exchange fees ensures you stay efficient.

Odds pricing determines your payout and variations can be significant

Once you’ve identified the sportsbooks that offer your currency.  You can start looking at more factors for differentiation.  The odds margins tend to be the next most important thing a lot of people look at, especially for those that intend to bet with relatively large stakes.  When you play with a sportsbook that offers lower odds margins on the soccer matches that interest you most, over time you will get better returns on your wins.  1x2 match betting margins are represented above, but you’ll get more margins on more soccer betting markets when you read the odds margin page.

More interesting features to enhance your particular soccer betting experience

Early bet cash out features are a relatively new sportsbook feature available at limited group of companies.  If you follow you bets live, these features provide a way to accept a reduced win should you see fit or to hedge against a complete loss of your stake.  Read which soccer betting sites offer bet cash out features.

If you think you might enjoy multiples betting (systems, permutations or round robin betting), you might like sportsbooks that offer a ‘bankers’ feature.  A ‘bankers’ feature allows you to refine your multiple bet combinations quickly so that all wagers only include the selections that you feel strongest about.  Wager permutations without your selected ‘bankers’ are dropped.  Every sportsbook allows you to make these kinds of permutation bets, but the bankers feature simply allows you to place these bets in a quicker fashion.  Learn which soccer betting sites offer a bankers feature.  

If you believe you will be betting with larger sums, you may be interested in learning about which soccer betting sites allow the highest stakes.  Not every sportsbook caters to the high end of the market.  When considering high-limit betting, you’ll want to understand how the limits  are structured, what banking methods allow for larger transactions and how the odds margins are looking to ensure the best returns on wins.  At this end of the market, that initial sign-up bonus just really doesn’t matter very much.  

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